The story of the
Café du Caché


n May of 2003 my longtime friend Elliot Cole & I decided to put on a show. We had no idea what show we were going to put on but that didn't stop us from renting the theater. Nothing spurs creativity like a deadline! And so in just two months we wrote, cast, & rehearsed our original musical, The Café du Caché. I penned the script & lyrics while Elliot composed all the music.

wo days before we opened one of the actors lost his nerve and quit the production. I was the only person who knew all of the lines, songs, & choreography which is how I reluctantly joined the cast. But I'm glad I did. To date I've never had a more exciting or fulfilling creative experience.


Watch the
Café du Caché

  1. August, 2003

    RenĂ© & Elliot get interviewed on Arts Eclectic about The Café du Caché.

  2. July, 2003

    Download the Café du Caché script
    & put on your own production!

  3. August, 2003

    Listen to The Café du Caché cast recording:
    Things You'll Miss When You're Dead
    Shadow Boy
    Still Every Now & Then
    Mr. & Mrs. Dubnow
    Madame Marceau
    Jack Mulligan
    Mr. Pickett
    When Love is New
    Izzy Dies
    Enter Bloch
    Hand to Hold
    Shadow Boy Enters
    I Didn't Know
    Good Times
    I Wasn't Meant For Love
    Victory Square
    Eva's Theme
    Café Waltz
    Mr. Bloch's Bonus Track

Photos from the Musical


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