The story of
the Elevator Art Club


he Elevator Art Club was a loose knit group of friends who, under cover of darkness, decorated elevators with the detritus of modern society. It was mostly a joke but we did win a Best of Austin Award for Most Dada Art Collective. Members included: Patrick Healy, Elliot Cole, Kyle Kabel, Jonathan Rosenberg, and of course me.

2003 - 2004

  1. Elevator 02

    February 16th, 2003
  2. Elevator 01

    February 8th, 2003
  3. Elevator 04

    March 2nd, 2003
  4. Elevator 03

    February 23rd, 2003
  5. Elevator 06

    April 14th, 2003
  6. Elevator 05

    March 23rd, 2003
  7. Elevator 08

    July, 2003
  8. Elevator 07

    June, 2003
  9. Elevator 09

    June 17th, 2004


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