The story of
my super embarrassing high school films


think high school is probably embarrassing for everyone. I actually wasn't emarrassed at the time but looking back at my sophomoric efforts I should have been very very embarrased. That being said Westlake High was a lot of fun and I did have an amazing art teacher who gave me free rein to create all of the terrible work below. Thanks Mr. Baker!

1999 - 2001

  1. March, 2001

    My friend Mike Perry's movie Brad Barr Superstar perfectly captured life at Westlake High.

  2. July, 2001

    I wanted to promote a screening of my films so I produced a pretentious cable access show where I was interviewed along with Louis Perryman, Elliot Cole, and Leah Stinson.

American Dream

  1. September, 2000

    My friends wanted a music video made for their song Skateboarding Ninja. I was happy to oblige. Also see Skateboarding Ninja bloopers.

  2. July, 2000

    For a class assignment I made a silly video about Richard Feynman. It's silly but not in a good way.

Hot Air

  1. November, 1999

    My best friend Ross Ulbricht and I made a ridiculous movie about a boy who turns into a monkey. May I present to you "The Transformation!"

  2. May, 2000

    For a class assignment I made a Charlie Chaplin inspired video illustrating some basic concepts of geometry. Behold! The Geometry Kid!

  3. July, 2000

    After seeing my computer animation The Fish, the Texas Department on Aging asked me to make this promotional video for them.

The Fish


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