The Story Of
my slightly embarrassing undergraduate films


n 2001 I started my undergraduate career studying film at The University of Texas at Austin. Five years later I graduated with the following distinctions: won BEST EDITING at Cinematexas, won the GRAND PRIZE at the TGAFP Festival, official selection for UT's HOLLYWOOD SHOWCASE, official secltion for RAINDANCE Festival, & I nearly electrocuted my cast & crew to death on an underwater music video shoot. All of the following films I directed & produced.


  1. May, 2005

    I was breifly the editor on National Lampoon's extremely not funny Homo Erectus starring David Carradine, Talia Shire, & Gary Busey. Here's a highlight reel I made for the cast & crew wrap party.

  2. December, 2005

    I was the assistant director on a film by Root Park called Starry Night. We shot for 12 days straight, sometimes working 20 hour days. Definitely the most intense film shoot of my life.

  3. January, 2005

    I wrote a silly script called Paperback Romance when I was going through a very "emo" phase of my life. You've been warned.


Makes Me
Love You


  1. June, 2003

    I made a short documentary about my uncle Michael Morgulis who is a brilliant graphic designer.

  2. May, 2003

    I made an "experimental" short film
    with my friend Kyle Kabel.

  3. August, 2003

    A photo of Elliot Cole and myself
    on the set of Love Ya Like.

Love Ya Like


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