The Story Of
The Edmond Bulldogs


n 2004 I saw David Bewley & Mitch Baker perform as The Edmond Bulldogs for the first time. I laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself. After the show I told them that we had to make a TV Pilot together and a few months later we did just that. The original pilot was shot for a few thousand dollars over a long weekend.

lash forward a year & my buddy Nicholas Jayanty somehow manages to get MTV interested in the show. They fly us out to LA and give us the green light to produce another pilot for them but this time with a legit budget and "professional" crew. We had a blast making the second pilot but unfortunately MTV decided not to pick it up for a season. Eventually the show did find a home at the now defunct startup OnNetworks under the new name Backpack Picnic.


  1. December, 2006

    The Edmond Bulldogs interviewed on KUT's Arts Eclectic radio program. Download it here.

  2. December, 2006

    Wayne Alan Brenner writes nice article in the Austin Chronicle about The Edmond Bulldog's MTV pilot. Download it here.

  3. June, 2006

    My friend Fishboy wrote a cool theme song for The Edmond Bulldogs.

  4. June, 2005

    The original theme song written by Mitch & Dave.

MTV Pilot


Original Pilot


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