The Story Of Hurricane Party


urricane Party started as a class project in grad school which morphed into a semi-legit company when Eric Katerman, Avram Dodson, and I got into the startup accelerator Capital Factory. At the end of the program we raised $200k and added a few people to the team (Richard McClellan, A.T. Fouty).

he basic idea of Hurricane Party was to help friends find, share, and create spontaneous get-togethers. So if two friends are hanging out they'd use Hurricane Party to automatically invite all of their mutual friends. When a new friend shows up the process would repeat, organically growing the party until their small tropical storm became a category five hurricane party!


The story of Designing Hurricane Party

  1. March 24th, 2011

    Our friend VHS sends the office a present.

  2. March 22nd, 2011

    And the results are in: Hurricane Party Hottest Startup at SXSW 2011.

  3. March 19th, 2011

    Hermione Way from The Next Web parties with René: Don’t know where the party’s at? Hurricane Party app makes social networking social.

The story of
golden tickets

  1. March 12th, 2011

    René writes a guest post in TechCrunch: How To Win SXSW: Hint – It’s The Same Answer Every Year

  2. March 10th, 2011

    New York Times covers Hurricane Party:
    Start-Ups Are in a Rush to Bring the Chat Room to the Smartphone

  3. March 10th, 2011

    Read Write Web and Mashable list Hurricane Party in top 5 apps for SXSW.

  4. March 7th, 2011

    Mashable article on Hurricane Party: Find & Start Impromptu Parties at SXSW With Hurricane Party.

  5. March 4th, 2011

    MIT Technology Review covers Hurricane Party: Toward a More Social Sense of Place

  6. March 4th, 2011

    Venture Beat article about Hurricane Party:
    Event app Hurricane Party comes out swinging against competitors

  7. March 3rd, 2011

    Read Write Web reviews Hurricane Party: Avoid Long Lines and Jam Packed Parties at SXSW with Hurricane Party

The story of Raising $10k for earthquake relief in Japan


  1. October 15th, 2010

    Our iPhone programmer Richard freaks the fuck out in the best way possible.

  2. October 14th, 2010

    Local news interviews Hurricane Party:
    New app creates parties in a whirlwind.

  3. September 13th, 2010

    Captial Factory class of 2010 commercial.


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